Clevermode Print


Clevermode Print allows you to use your existing PAT Tester, a Printer and Clevermode App. Allowing you to print and database all your test and tag work without buying a new machine.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Lightweight Toshiba Printer
  • 2 x Rolls of tags (no ribbon required)
  • 1x 12 Month Clevermode Subscription

Note: works with your PAT Tester and your android tablet.



  • The Clevermode App is an easy to use test and tag software
  • The Clevermode system provides a fully databasing and printing machine.
  • Makes tagging and reporting easier, faster and more profitable.
  • Works with any PAT Tester
  • Detailed application records repair codes, retest data, item, location, pass or fail
  • Prints tags with your business name and scannable QR barcode
  • QR Coded tags for asset management
  • Record all testing data with QR barcodes
  • Change the business name on your tags easily (perfect for contracting work)
  • Will print multiple tags (for asset records)
  • Clevermode app will work on any android device
  • It is able to store large numbers of test results
  • The Clever Printer is lightweight, small and battery-powered
  • Create a spreadsheet automatically, which is ready to be emailed after testing
  • Can record leakage clamp test results for 3 Phase testing
  • Use personalised abbreviations to make working faster and easier
  • The low yearly subscription cost of $200+gst per year


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